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Mana Tokens News

  1. GeekDad (blog)

    Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: 'Tyler Sigman's Crows'
    GeekDad (blog)
    The tile must not have any crows, totems, lava pools, or mana corruption tokens on it. If you place your totem on a Barrens tile, you immediately draw a spell card. Then, you may play a spell card if you want. Tyler Sigman's Crows spell cards Spell cards.

  2. PC Gamer

    What should be done to fix Hearthstone's Druid problem
    PC Gamer
    Amassing Jade Golems and ramping mana were powerful strategies, but they cost you resources that weren't easily replenished. Even so, the inevitability that Jade Idols provided in the late game, with their ability to both avoid fatigue and produce a ...

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  3. Epicstream

    Ixalan's Magic: The Gathering Mechanics Revealed
    The company revealed the main mechanics of Ixalan with spotlight videos that explain how they work, and they include Raid, Enrage, Explore, Treasure Tokens, new types of double-faced cards, and the return of Vehicles. I love the amount of flavor they ...

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